Be An Artist-In-Residence at Watah Theatre Institute. July 15 & 24 Deadlines!

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Watah, previously ‘anitafrika dub theatre,’ is a professional theatre company & trans-disciplinary arts institute, founded by d’bi.young anitafrika, grounded in The Sorplusi Method.

There are 5 Artist Residency Programs at The Watah Theatre including The Yemoya Intl Artist Residency (hosted in a different country yearly), The Professional Artist Development Initiative (PADI), The Trans-disciplinary Artist Residency (TAP), The Artist Shaman Exhibit (ASE) and The Sorplusi Arts Fellowship (SAF).

1.YEMOYA – Deadline July 15, 2015 – Apply Now!
Aug 9-Aug 30, 2015 –
YEMOYA is a 3 week retreat that combines trandisciplinary arts development with wellness practices for the (w)holistic growth of people. Founded in summer 2008 in Toronto Canada, YEMOYA’s intensive 21 day program focuses on the creative, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual liberation of its resident artists, using the Sorplusi Method.

2.PADI (18-29) – Deadline July 24, 2015 – Apply Now!
Sept 2015-June 2016 –
The Professional Artist Development Initiative (PADI) is a bridge into professional theatre that provides both theo-retical and practical performance training while enabling mentorship between emerging and established artists. PADI offers profession- al development to emerging Black and diverse artists (18-29) who write, perform and publish a bio-myth monodrama at the end of the year.

3.TAP (24+) – Deadline July 24, 2015 – Apply Now!
Sept 2015-June 2016 –
Trans-Disciplinary Artist Program (TAP) is a multi-layered artistic experience for emerged and mid-career career performance, visual, musical and video artists who create cross-genre works of art that defy traditional categorization. Artist -In-Residence study the Sorplusi Method and its 3 applications for a year which culminate in a production and publication of a bio-mytho-graphical work of art.

4.ASE (18+) – By Invitation – 3 Visual Artists
Oct-Nov 2015. Jan-Mar 2015. April-June 2016
ASE is a 3 month visual arts residency for painters, photographers, muralists or multi-media artists. During the program artists create works alongside the performance residencies focusing on a particular Sorplusi principle, which culminate in a solo exhibit at a Watah Theatre festival. The artist is also interviewed about their creative process during an Artist Shaman Session.

5.SAF (24+) – Deadline July 15, 2015 – By Invitation
Sept 2015-June 2016 –
The Sorplusi Arts Fellowship is a joint initiative of Watah Theatre Institute and the Sorplusi Institute. It is an arts and research fellowship for mid-career to established artists who have studied the Sorplusi Methodolgy and who wish to deepen their artistic and scholarly practice of the method as well as have a deep desire to become Sorplusi Method Facilitators. To apply to become a Sorplusi Arts Fellow write to the Artistic Director.

Ongoing Monthly Deadlines
Apply Now For July 18-19, 2015
The Sorplusi Method Weekend Intensive provides the practitioner with an introduction to The Sorplusi Method
and gives an overview of its three applications: self- actualization, art creation and leadership; focusing specifically on self-actualization.

The Watah Theatre cultivates artists as healers, mentors & keepers of the sacred. Watah specifically contributes, supports & develops the legacy of Black Theatre in Canada by 1) cultivating & sharing a unique African-Caribbean-Canadian theatre aesthetic, heavily informed by the radical performance tradition of Jamaica’s dubpoetry & dubtheatre, 2) challenging systemic barriers that exclude Black theatre artists & 3) giving Black arts practitioners a local, national & international platform to showcase & celebrate their work. | |

be an active part of the village and speak!

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