d’bi.young anitafrika Directs The Phenomenal Ngozi Paul in her Debut Monodrama ‘The Emancipation of Miss Lovely’


director’s notes…
The Emancipation of Miss Lovely is an emancipation of us all. This journey with Ngozi has allowed me access to parts of myself I tucked away in the folds of my unconscious. From our beginnings some 3-4 years ago in Cape Town South Africa, to the Yemoya residency in the Bahamas, to rehearsing at Artscape Youngplace, to dramaturging at The Young Centre, to prepping for this incarnation at The Watah Theatre for SummerWorks; we have indeed crossed oceans and rivers, mountains and molehills. The dramaturgy and direction of Emancipation is steeped in The Sorplusi Method, a human development framework that nurtures the artist as healer and leader. Along our journey, the ancestral spirit of Sara Baartman envelops us in her ancient mother-womb. Thank you Ngozi for daring to speak. Thank you for allowing me to deeply understand the sacredness of midwifery. You my friend and comrade are a galactic force flowering in the prime of her time. Ase to the ancestors for your birth. Ase to all of our mothers. Ase to all of our daughters. Ase to you Sara and you Ms. Lovely. To our incredible team of theatre makers, you make storytelling a courageous collaborative ritual. May we truly innerstand that ‘we are the ones, we are waiting for.’
-d’bi.young anitafrika

be an active part of the village and speak!

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